CheckJID hook ?

Martin Atkins mart at
Thu Nov 16 08:47:41 UTC 2006

Michael Scherer wrote:
> Hi.
> The module speak of a CheckJID hook, but it seems to be used
> nowhere, nor called at all. 
> Am I missing some tricky ( or maybe obvious ) stuff, or this is not 
> implemented yet ?
> What would be the semantic of such hook ?
> I see one usage for the moment, offline delivery

I'm really just guessing, but I think CheckJID is a leftover from the 
earlier "subdomain" code (which is not to be confused with 
<Subdomain ...> config blocks). Or maybe not...

But anyway, for offline delivery I guess you could:
     * Implement a Delivery plugin which checks presence and does logging
      if the user is offline, or just declines if the user is online
     * Check presence by using $vhost->find_jid and friends
     * Use the OnInitialPresence hook to transmit the stored messages
      when the user connects.

It would be necessary to ensure that the logger loads before local 
delivery in this scenario though, I think.

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