problem with tarball

Michael Scherer misc at
Sun Oct 1 16:05:16 UTC 2006


I tried to make a rpm packages of djabberd, but the tarball is not
working ( the one from cpan )
 $ LC_ALL=C make
make: *** No rule to make target `djabberd', needed by
`blib/script/djabberd'.  Stop.

and indeed, there is no djabberd in the tarball :

~ $ wget -q
~ $ tar -tf ./DJabberd-0.80.tar.gz | grep djabberd
~ $ md5sum DJabberd-0.80.tar.gz*
d4b2836ea6797d56c87e409dc40d7bef  DJabberd-0.80.tar.gz

But the file is present in the svn, in trunk/ and in tags/.

Btw, where did the trac installation disappear ?  It was quite practical
to follow commit.

Michael Scherer

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