How to configure MUC?

oliver oli oliver.oli at
Wed Oct 25 20:44:28 UTC 2006

Martin Atkins wrote:

> However, the MUC plugin should really have a big "work in progress" sign 
> hung on it, since it hasn't really been worked on beyond the bare 
> basics, and it's probably going to change a little before its finished. 
> If you need multi-user chat, for now I'd suggest using an external 
> component for this via DJabberd::Component::External.

Hello Martin,

thanks for the clarification :-). I would be happy with any external MUC 
component. My problem is that DJabberd::Component::External does not 
work (see my previous post). As soon as I put a <Subdomain> block in 
djabberd.conf, djabberd eats all messages. Even client to client chat 
messages don't pass through.

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