LDAP authentication for a user

Rajesh Dharmalingam rajesh.dharmalingam at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 14:38:52 UTC 2007


I have a user who needs to be authenticated:

The ldap schema looks as below:
dn: cn=a, cn=authenticated users, cn=abc, o=a1.com
authenticationuserpassword: ****
userPassword:: #######
description: test
objectClass: top
objectClass: authenticationuser
cn: a

As mentioned below, I provided in the djabberd conf file, and tried to login
using the user a but the result is - user is not found...
 <Plugin DJabberd::Authen::LDAP>
        LDAPURI             ldap://ip:port/
        LDAPBindDN       o=a1.com
        LDAPBindPW      ****
        LDAPBaseDN      cn=authenticated users,cn=abc,o=a1.com
       LDAPFilter            (cn=%u)

When i give the same from a ldap browser as below, i am able to find the dn
for this user
Search dn: cn=authenticated users,cn=abc,o=a1.com
Filter: cn = a
I get the dn for this user.

I tried with adding scope as 'sub' in the ldap plugin which gives the same

One more thing is, SSL is required for ldap. so i did the required changes
to the ldap plugin in djabberd and tried. I am getting the same result that
"account a not found"..

Can you provide some input?

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