[RFC]: improve behaviour when using as an external component

Michael Scherer misc at mandriva.org
Sun Feb 4 23:28:33 UTC 2007

Le vendredi 02 février 2007 à 15:16 +0000, Pedro Melo a écrit :
> Hi,
> I've been writing an external component using DJabberd and  
> DJabberd::Delivery::ComponentConnection plugin.
> It's a very good base to do it, very fast, compared to my previous  
> versions using POE.
> Yet, DJabberd is geared towards servers and for each component, he  
> starts a C2S listening socket. :)
> I've made a small patch (attached) that add a Standalone boolean  
> configuration variable. If set to a true value (default is false), it  
> stops DJabberd from binding C2S, S2S and some warnings. You can still  
> enable C2S if you specifically ask for it.

using "standalone yes", then setting the c2s port will have a different
impact than doing it in the reverse order, and i think this can be quite

I am not very keen of having a option that act like some kind of alias
for 2 other options, it can only lead to confusion.

Michael Scherer

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