CheckJID hook ?

Martin Atkins mart at
Tue Feb 27 20:05:45 UTC 2007

Michael Scherer wrote:

> After problem on my current jabber server, i have decided to give another try 
> to offline message for djabberd, in order to be able to use it, so here is a 
> quick patch for CheckJID.
> It just add a method is_jid_valid, to I think the name could be more 
> explicit, but I didn't found one. Feel free to change it.
> The CheckJID hook take a connection object as parameter, but i didn't see the 
> use, maybe it could be removed from documentation ( I do not even pass it in 
> the implementation, since i do not really know what to pass ) ?

It seems strange to have a hook called CheckJID that accepts a username 
(rather than a whole JID) as an argument. Is CheckJID currently used by 
anything else? I wonder if we could change it to be CheckNodeExists and 
remove that connection parameter to make things a little more sane.

Then I'd make your VHost method be something like node_exists($nodename) 
rather than is_jid_valid, since each vhost can have only one domain so 
there's little point in passing the full JID in here only to have the 
domain and resource parts be ignored.

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