[PATCH] compliance with section 9.2.3 of RFC 3920 (IQ Semantics)

Pedro Melo melo at simplicidade.org
Thu Jan 4 01:41:59 UTC 2007


See http://rfc.net/rfc3920.html#s9. for reference, search for 9.2.3.

Basically, to match an IQ with a semantic meaning, we must look at  
the namespace and not at the tag the first child is using. The  
relevant text of the RFC:
   "The data content of the request and response is defined by the  
    declaration of a direct child element of the IQ element"

That means for example, that as long as I use xmlns='vcard-temp' in  
the first child, the tag name can be vCard, query, or even  

The attached patch fixes the signature method of the IQ class, and  
changes all the occurences of a set/get-{ns}tag I could find.

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