[PATCH] is register_iq_handler correct in Agent.pm ?

Michael Scherer misc at mandriva.org
Tue Jan 30 14:34:14 UTC 2007

after spending some time reading part of the code of Agent.pm, I am puzzled by 
this :

sub handle_iq {
    my ($self, $vhost, $stanza) = @_;

    my $sig = $stanza->signature;

    if ($self->{djabberd_agent_iqcb} && $self->{djabberd_agent_iqcb}{$sig}) {
        return $self->{djabberd_agent_iqcb}{$sig}->($vhost, $stanza);


sub register_iq_handler {
    my ($self, $signature, $handler) = @_;
    $self->{easier_node_iqcb} ||= {};
    $self->{easier_node_iqcb}{$signature} = $handler;

This part is not working, or there is something very subtle I missed ?
register_iq_handler should use djabberd_agent_iqcb, not easier_node_iqcb as a 
memeber, as this is the only occurence in the source code.

Here is a patch that correct it. With it, register_iq_handler should work as 

Michael Scherer
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