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Jason Salaz jason at zenenet.com
Mon Jul 23 16:11:57 UTC 2007

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Michael: Sorry for the dupe.
Rest of you: Reply follows;

I've had this message queued for the whole weekend and then some.
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On 7/18/07, Michael Scherer <misc at mandriva.org> wrote:
> Le Wednesday 18 July 2007 01:39:26 Jason Salaz, vous avez écrit:
> > Is there any specific reason why djabberd doesn't "expose" multiple
> > resources?
> Here, I see different ressources, on a djabberd installation.
> However, in gajim, i do not see myself as self contact, is it what you mean ?

In installs of Psi, there is a button under the menu bar that is a
"Show Self Contact" button.
It adds an entry (purely in the client, nothing changes in the server
so far as I'm aware) listing you under that particular account, above
your actual entire roster [1].

I always enable that.  Usually, I can send a message to myself by
right-clicking this "self contact", and choosing my Home resource from
the "Send Message To..." menu.
I can't do this with djabberd/LJ Talk because the other resource isn't
listed [2].
For comparison purposes, to see how my GTalk instance works, see [3].

Then, I simple use the right-click menu to send a message to myself.
djabberd/LJTalk again has only the one resource [4], while GTalk has both [5].

> > I'd also like the ability to perform ad-hoc commands when Psi 0.11
> > comes out. I don't believe the same requirements for issuing/receiving
> > ad-hoc commands also carries the exposure of multiple resources too.
> Adhoc commands on server or on client ?

Ad-Hoc commands client to client. Psi had a screencast of it a long
time ago, I can't seem to locate it any more, however.

[1] http://vxjasonxv.com/images/jabber/djabberd-SelfContact.png
[2] http://vxjasonxv.com/images/jabber/djabberd-SoleResource.png
[3] http://vxjasonxv.com/images/jabber/gtalk-MultipleResources.png
[4] http://vxjasonxv.com/images/jabber/djabberd-MessageToResource.png
[5] http://vxjasonxv.com/images/jabber/gtalk-MessageToResource.png

> At a guess, this would have to be Disco support, but I'm new (2 days) to
> djabberd, so I'm not sure to what extent that is implmented.

One can run disco#info without a problem. I would imagine that the
problem is that the server doesn't allow presence to<->from oneself,
or something like that that.

Brad? Martin? Bueller...? Bueller...? Bueller...?

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