Expose Multiple Resources

Martin Atkins mart at degeneration.co.uk
Tue Jul 24 07:12:29 UTC 2007

Jason Salaz wrote:
> In installs of Psi, there is a button under the menu bar that is a
> "Show Self Contact" button.
> It adds an entry (purely in the client, nothing changes in the server
> so far as I'm aware) listing you under that particular account, above
> your actual entire roster [1].
> I always enable that.  Usually, I can send a message to myself by
> right-clicking this "self contact", and choosing my Home resource from
> the "Send Message To..." menu.
> I can't do this with djabberd/LJ Talk because the other resource isn't
> listed [2].
> For comparison purposes, to see how my GTalk instance works, see [3].
> Then, I simple use the right-click menu to send a message to myself.
> djabberd/LJTalk again has only the one resource [4], while GTalk has 
> both [5].

Hi Jason,

I had noticed this oddity myself, but hadn't really thought much about 
what might be causing it.

 > I would imagine that the problem is that the server doesn't allow
 > presence to<->from oneself, or something like that that.

Do you know how this is supposed to work at the protocol level? If 
you're not sure then I'll try to figure it out myself, of course. :)

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