Addon modules

Martin Atkins mart at
Thu Jul 26 06:47:45 UTC 2007

Edward Rudd wrote:
> I have 2 addon modules that I would like to contribute and am just
> wondering what the preferred method of doing so is. Mainly, is it ok to
> submit these to CPAN? or would it be preferable to post them to the list
> first?
> The two I have (right now) are an LDAP authentication plugin and a
> shared contact list plugin using SQLlite as the backend.  this is a
> rewrite/generalization of the DJabberd::RosterStorage::SixApart that is
> in the examples/sixapart in SVN.

Feel free to submit your add-on libraries to CPAN, though by all means 
post about them here if you like. I'd be interested to see this, at least.

> It would be nice if there was some kind of better layering system such
> that the shared contact list plugin didn't have to be directly descended
> off of a specific storage class.

Using inheritance as the means to implement a plugin is troublesome in 
that sense, but I guess someone could in theory write a RosterStorage 
plugin that aggregates other RosterStorage plugins, and then has 
configuration which can decide which one gets written to when the user 
adds something to the roster.

This way you could have both a shared roster from the LDAP directory 
plus custom user entries in SQLite.

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