component::external configuration?

Martin Atkins mart at
Sat Jun 16 03:46:24 UTC 2007

Edward Rudd wrote:
> I am trying to use the DJabberd::Component::External to have
> mu-conference (0.6.0 w/ JCR 0.2.4) connect into DJabberd.
> I have tried all sorts of ways of configuring djabberd to get this
> working but it never seems to work correctly.
> Here is the current setup.
> <VHost muc.mydomain>
>     <Plugin DJabberd::Component::External>
>       ListenAddr
>       Secret Conferencing
>     </Plugin>
> </VHost>

I'm not sure if this is related to the problem, but assuming that you 
are using the same djabberd process for "mydomain" and "muc.mydomain" 
you may like to use the subdomain idiom to avoid the need for djabberd 
to talk to itself over S2S:

<VHost mydomain>
     # ....
     <Subdomain muc>
        <Plugin DJabberd::Component::External>
            Secret Conferencing

If you really do need to use S2S, make sure to include the following in 
your vhost configurations:
S2S enable
<Plugin DJabberd::Delivery::S2S   />

The S2S Delivery plugin must be declared after 
DJabberd::Component::External because it too is a delivery plugin.

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