Announce: DJabberd 0.83

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Tue May 8 21:59:44 UTC 2007

New DJabberd release:

0.83  2007-05-08
  - the "yes, this project is still alive" release

  - packaging fixes, tree clean, dist now managed by ShipIt, for more
    regular releases

  - ClientPort, ServerPort, AdminPort can include IPs to bind to, not
    just port numbers.

  - better pidfile support

  - optional expansion of environment in config files, using
    syntax:  ${ENV:KEY}, which expands to environment variable KEY

  - vhost/server/plugin nesting issues in config files.  more
    tolerant now

  - DJabberd::Delivery::ComponentConnection - Delivery through a
    JEP-0114 component connection

  - DJabberd::Connection::ComponentIn - JEP-0114 Server

  - DJabberd::Connection::ComponentOut - JEP-0114 Client

  - when closing an XMLElement, also clone the raw field

  - don't crash when DNS SRV records have no port defined

  - Component::External bug fixes, enhancements

  - warnings about implicit delivery/etc plugins auto-added
    for you (like Local deliver, S2S deliver, local presence
    checks, etc...)

- Brad

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