Plugin for Invisible Command XEP 186

Matt Mankins mankins at
Sat May 26 19:14:51 UTC 2007


I'm attempting to write a plugin to implement XEP 186 [1], the  
invisible command, inside of DJabberD, and seem to be having some  
trouble capturing all of the presence broadcasts.  Has anyone tried  
their hand at invisibility before?

Perhaps the issue is not capturing the presence, but re-sending the  
"i'm invisible now" to everyone?  I'm new to the plugin system and  
must be missing something.  Many thanks if someone catches it.

My implementation is at: 


p.s. -- I'm also open to other ways of becoming invisible...any  
magical incantation will do. I'd just like a particular resource to  
not show up in other people's roster as being online, but allow them  
to send messages to it.

[1] -

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