reconnecting a plugin

Franky liedekef at
Wed Nov 21 12:04:12 UTC 2007

Franky wrote:
> Hi,
> as mentioned on
> djabberd needs to be restarted when reconnecting a plugin (eg. pymsn-t,
> pyaim-t, mu-conference, ...). Is this intended or can this be solved in
> another way?
> regards,
> Franky

This seems to be a problem with Danga::Socket, function AddOtherFds,
which is called by _start_listener. This function (_start_listener,
AddOtherFds) is also called again when a connection to an external
component ends. But because of the reuse of the same fd, this is causing
troubles I guess ...
For now, a simple solution: remote the call to _stop_listener (in
_start_listener function) and to _start_listener (in
handle_component_disconnect function) in Component/


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