greetings, questions, etc. (muc, offline, ...)

Kaolin Fire kaolin at
Sat Nov 24 05:12:27 UTC 2007

Martin Atkins wrote:
> Kaolin Fire wrote:
> The MUC implementation for DJabberd right now is quite minimal, but I 
> think people on this mailing list have mentioned making use of it 
> recently. Patches to improve on this are welcome.
I'll see if I can figure out what's been done and what hasn't.  I'm fine 
with minimal so long as it hits the target of "people can chat in a 
room". :)
>> Offline messages would be lovely, too.
> I believe that the plugin module DJabberd::Delivery::OfflineStorage 
> provides this functionality, though I haven't tried it. It was 
> developed by Piers Harding and is available in CPAN.
Awesome, thanks.  I'll give it a go.
>> And integrating profiles... I see LJTalk has it, but mostly I'm lost
>> trying to navigate the codebase, I think.
> Edward Rudd's DJabberd::Plugin::VCard::LDAP (also in CPAN) is probably 
> a simpler example of building VCards from data aquired from an 
> external system. It depends on DJabberd::Plugin::VCard, which sadly 
> does not appear to be in CPAN right now but is available from the 
> subversion repository.
Ditto this.
>> Part of my wondering is if I should just get off the CPAN version, and
>> jump to some non-trunk svn revision, or... ?
> I believe the trunk is stable as of this writing (r15833) if you'd 
> like to use it.

Thanks!  The trunk has stuff not in the CPAN version, like docs and 
examples... and some nice toys in "dev", too.  Should make figuring 
things out much easier.

-kaolin imago fire
-Founding Editor; Chief Instigator, Issue 0


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