Multi-user chat patches

Edward Rudd erudd at
Fri Sep 21 15:23:39 UTC 2007

Feel free to send me any LDAP patches you may have, so I can update my
LDAP Auth module.  Currently it's only been tested off of OpenLDAP 2.1
and 2.2.

Jeremy Lawler wrote:
> I have 2 patches to multi-user chat.  Both are ridiculously small, but
> also fix what I consider to be serious bugs.
> The djabberd_patch_fix_leave_room fixes a problem where when someone
> leaves a MUC room, we don't send the presence message back to the
> person who left.  This results in clients who will not rejoin chats
> because they believe they are still a member.
> The djabberd_patch_fix_muc_disco fixes the problem that we don't
> properly advertise a chat server to a disco#items query.  My patch
> solves the problem, the reason I don't like my fix is that my patch
> uses set_config_childservice.  The reason I used this is because there
> was no other way (that I'm aware of) to modify the "disco_kids"
> element of the vhost.  I didn't want to directly modify the contents
> of the object, and I didn't want to add functions to
> Basically, I'm looking for feedback.
> Also, I am currently modifying DJabberd to use in a call center.  The
> major changes to functionality are:
>      LDAP authentication (which has been implemented elsewhere)
>      Dynamic generation of the roster using the contents of LDAP
>      Chat logging (and assorted MUC fixes/features)
>      Authorization style patches that will (among other things) allow
> users to communicate with their respective bosses without allowing
> them to communicate with each other.
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