Multi-user chat patches

Jeremy Lawler jeremylawler at
Fri Sep 21 17:07:53 UTC 2007

Seems like it would be pretty trivial.
The rosters from ldap already work, but I don't really like my code
structure right now and I need to re-organize it.  Also, there is a
significant problem with the entire jabber server blocking on LDAP.
There are ways around it, but depending on how you want to have
Rosters populate, it may not be an option.  The current solution I'm
using is to basically pull all the users from ldap and pre-generate
the rosters.  That way I already have ldap queries for the information
I care about, and I never hit the server (except for authentication).
The obvious downside is when users get created or deleted from ldap,
it doesn't get reflected until djabberd is restarted.

I'm planning on fixing this, but that's part of the reason I'm not
posting the code anywhere (yet).

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