patch to have more meaningful error

Michael Scherer misc at
Sat Sep 22 16:48:04 UTC 2007

While reading the log of my djabberd installation, I have seen
various message like this :
WARN - Dialback result invalid for
DJabberd::Connection::ServerIn=ARRAY(0x8d7eee0), reason: no resolved IP

as this is not really useful, I have patched djabberd to show the two
domain name involved :

WARN - Dialback result invalid for
DJabberd::Connection::ServerIn=ARRAY(0x8d0f924), on to, reason: no resolved IP

Which showed me that was missing a SRV record for
This seems to cause some problem to djabberd, but only the first time, as it
work fine after the first error. I will take a closer look later.

Could someone apply it to svn ?
Michael Scherer
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