Changing 'Not Authorized' for a Bot on the buddy list/Reference for Config file

hugh barnard hughbarnardlists at
Fri Apr 4 05:51:00 UTC 2008

Hi folks

I don't know a lot about IM, so I'm afraid a little
patience may necessary. That said, thanks already, to
everyone on the list, I've got a test server set up
and working.

I've got a test bot going, based on the eliza bot but
it shows up as 'Not Authorized' on the buddy list. I
can chat with it though. I'd like it to turn up as
'available' (and learn something about djabberd
internals in the process!)

Secondly, is there reference material anywhere for the
config file? Mine's a cut and paste of the various
articles but I don't really know what I'm doing.  

Best regards Hugh Barnard

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