[djabberd] kane, r799: r6897@db-dev1: josboum | 2008-08-06 19...

Jos I. Boumans jos at dwim.org
Wed Aug 6 20:59:37 UTC 2008

On Aug 6, 2008, at 8:58 PM, Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:
> +        ### XXX this logging is somewhat expensive. Logging should  
> probably
> +        ### only be done if loglevel is set to debug --kane
> So don't check this in.  Your commit message even says that it's  
> unnecessarily slow and should only be computed when debug mode is  
> on.  So do that first, before you commit to trunk.  Trunk should be  
> stable/good.

Could have sworn I committed the follow up patch that addressed this,  
sending this upstream, but svk diff tells me it wasn't yet.

Before committing and sending it upstream I also corrected the  
stylistic issues

Sorry to raise peoples bloodpressure,

	Jos Boumans

	'Real programmers use "cat > a.out"'

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