MUC in DJabberd

Gavin Carr gavin at
Wed Feb 6 10:42:01 UTC 2008

Hi Pete,

On Tue, Feb 05, 2008 at 10:56:33AM +1000, Peter Brown wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have been trying to setup djabberd for supporting our clients and i need
> to setup Multi-User-Chat.
> I have Dredged through the list for any kind of help and found a few useful
> emails and got a setup that almost works.
> I have am using the following config and i have mu-conference setup to
> listen on the port.
> <VHost>
>   <Plugin DJabberd::PresenceChecker::Local />
>   <Plugin DJabberd::Delivery::Local />
>   <Subdomain conf>
>     <Plugin DJabberd::Component::External>
>     ListenAddr
>     Secret ConferenceSecret
>     </Plugin>
>   </Subdomain>
> </VHost>

I've got a very similar config working here:

    S2S enable
    RequireSSL no

    <Plugin DJabberd::PresenceChecker::Local />
    <Plugin DJabberd::Delivery::Local />

    <Plugin DJabberd::Delivery::LocalVHosts>

    <Subdomain chat>
      <Plugin DJabberd::Component::External>
        ListenPort 5290
        Secret ConferenceSecret

    <Plugin DJabberd::Delivery::S2S   />

    # Various other bits ...


Not sure if the LocalVHosts part makes a difference, otherwise they look
pretty identical ...

> i got these results with mu-conference
> i open a chat room and it seems to be working.
> when i send a message to the chat room it shows up as a message from the
> room instead of appearing in the chat window.

I haven't seen this.

> i also tried inviting other users and after accepting the invitation they
> don't show up in my members list but i show up in theirs.

I've seen this as well. Sometimes I seem to need to reconnect to the chat
room once before I see everybody. Not sure whether this is a mu-conference
or a djabberd thing.

FWIW, I'm also seeing mu-conference disconnect overnight about half the
time at the moment. When I come in the mornings I can't connect to the chat
service, and need to restart djabberd, and then restart mu-conference to
get everything back up - restarting mu-conference alone is not sufficient.

I'm using mu-conference 0.7, djabberd svn, and gajim and/or pidgin on the 
client side.


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