Bots, components, etc.

Gavin Carr gavin at
Thu Jan 3 03:19:13 UTC 2008

Hi Martin,

On Mon, Dec 31, 2007 at 06:39:44PM +0000, Martin Atkins wrote:
> Gavin Carr wrote:
> >Hi all,
> >
> >Just getting to my first serious playing with djabberd, using svn trunk.
> >I've got the basics up nicely - auth, rosters, and vcards - and am now 
> >trying to play with bots, components, and MUCs, with rather less success.
> >
> >I'm trying to use djabberd.conf style configuration, but can't figure out
> >the proper incantations for things like bots and MUCs. I'm trying to setup
> >an eliza at bot in my main vhost, for example, using this:
> >
> >  <Plugin DJabberd::Bot::Eliza>
> >    NodeName eliza
> >  </Plugin>
> >
> >Is this correct? It almost works, and I can add eliza at as a 
> >buddy and chat away ok, but I'm not getting authorised for presence 
> >updates?
> >(An older version references DJabberd::Plugin::Bot, but that's no longer in
> >svn, so I assume that's obsolete?)
> I'm not really all that familiar with the bot code, but a quick scan of 
> the DJabberd::Bot class suggests to me that it doesn't support 
> responding to presence subscription requests.
> I suspect this is because LiveJournal's bot -- really the only sane bot 
> implementation right now -- is hardcoded into LiveJournal's 
> RosterStorage implementation. Adding some code to make bots 
> automatically respond to subscription requests ought not to be too hard, 
> though.

Thanks, that sounds correct to me. I'm still getting my head around how
djabberd hangs together, so not sure my djabberd-fu is up to it just yet,
but if no one beats me to it I'm might try and figure this out.

> MUC is no longer actually a component, but you load it in the same way 
> as the component above, just using the name DJabberd::Plugin::MUC. The 
> MUC support itself is not complete as far as I'm aware, but others on 
> the mailing list have had some success in using it.

I got some of the basics working, but ended up trying out mu-conference,
since that also seemed to have some users on the list and seems a bit more
fully-featured. I'm finding the handshaking between djabberd 
and mu-conference a bit flaky though (works for a while and then just stops,
returning 503s), but it'll do for now.

Is there any interest in updating the shipped djabberd.conf to include a few
more examples of working plugins, perhaps commented out?


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