2 djabberd patches

Adrian Ulrich slack at blinkenlights.ch
Tue Jan 29 20:46:05 UTC 2008

Hi Martin,

Thanks for checking-in the 2. patch

> I'm not confortable checking in the second patch immediately because the 
> comment before the line that sends <stream:features></stream:features> 
> makes it look like this was originally added to fix some other problem. 

Yeah.. it's somewhat ugly.

I've posted this 'solution' some time ago (Message-Id: <20070128202136.f835217f.slack at blinkenlights.ch>)

I didn't read the XMPP specs (yet) but maybe jabberd simply does not like seeing an EMPTY features list..

Oh.. and i've also noticed another jabberd-related problem: When someone using a jabberd-server (such as jabber.ccc.de)
adds a djabberd-user to it's own roster, the djabberd-user will show up twice:

 Once as a full jid (foo at bar.com/Bla) and once as a bare jid (foo at bar.com)

..any idea what's happening here?


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