Martin Atkins mart at
Mon Jun 30 20:40:07 UTC 2008

Natasha Live wrote:
> I am looking into hooking a closed silo into the jabber network. A good 
> chunk of the stuff that a normal XMPP server does will not be needed as 
> the silo already handles it.
> I've a choice of a component or a special server. In this I finally 
> found djabberd as what looks to be a good place to start with a 
> specialist server. The problem I have is the lack of ducumentation. I 
> can not find any documentation on how to take advantage of the 
> "everything is a plugin".
> Any help on this would be great!

Hi Natasha,

Unfortunately you're right that the documentation for DJabberd is a 
little thin on the ground right now.

However, you might like to have a look at how uses 
DJabberd to provide "LJ Talk". The code for this is in the DJabberd 

It uses Gearman for asynchronous communication with LiveJournal, though 
any other RPC-type thing you have at your disposal should work as long 
as it can operate asynchronously.

LJ Talk has custom modules for authentication, roster storage (exposing 
LiveJournal friends as contacts) and a "bot" that will post entries to a 
user's journal.

I hope this helps. If you have any further questions then posting them 
to this list is probably the best bet.


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