Problems with dialback connections to openfire servers

Piers Harding piers at
Wed Nov 26 19:18:00 UTC 2008

Hi -

I've just started having issues with dialback and openfire servers, from
a recent upgrade that openfire have offered.  It seems that they
nolonger accept a <stream:features/> packet on a dialback connection.

To temporarily fix it, I've commented out in
the block:
#    if ($ss->version->supports_features) {
#        # they can eat a dick for all we care.  they get no features.
#        # what is this weird XMPP 1.0 + old-school Dialback world
#        anyway?
#        # maybe we're still confused.  FIXME: care.
#        my $features = "<stream:features></stream:features>";
#        $self->write($features);
#        $self->log->debug("$self->{id} sending '$features'");
#    }

But - I am wondering if anyone else has a better solution, or can shed
some light on it.

Piers Harding.

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