JID case sensitivity

Martin Atkins mart at degeneration.co.uk
Fri Mar 27 01:44:36 UTC 2009

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> Correct. That might change slightly in rfc3920bis (probably by ripping
> out the dependency on stringprep because it is tied to Unicode 3.2 and
> has all those long, scary character tables), but in a way that will be
> as backwards-compatible as possible.

I would love to see the XMPP spec define the JID syntax without 
referring to stringprep. I find it incredibly difficult to understand 
definitively what the requirements are.

So, to summarize:

* The node (before the @) and domain should be case-insensitive.
* The resource should be case-sensitive.

So when DJabberd parses a JID, it ought to normalize the case in the 
node and domain parts. It must presumably do this in a way defined in 
stringprep rather than relying on Perl's in-built ability to turn 
strings to lowercase.

Is this correct? (and does anyone want to send in a patch? :) )

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