XMPP group chat with djabberd

Artem Harutyunyan hartem at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 21:27:54 UTC 2010


I need to have something similar to a dynamic 'mailing list' on my
djabberd server. Ideally I would like to configure a meta-address (say
'service at mydomain.com') which will be used to distribute (forward)
messages to several other JIDs. The subscription and un-subscription
from the list is needed to be made on the fly.

It seemed to me that chat rooms provide similar functionality, so I
have tried to run the mu-conference. However I've got some problems.
In the log file I see messages like this:

Mon Mar 29 19:01:45 2010 jcr_base_connect.c:34 (jcr_socket_connect):
Attempting connection to
Mon Mar 29 19:01:45 2010 jcr_deliver.c:51 (jcr_queue_deliver): packet
delivery thread starting.
Mon Mar 29 19:01:45 2010 jcr_base_connect.c:87
(jcr_send_start_stream): Opening XML stream: sent 189 bytes
Mon Mar 29 19:01:45 2010 jcr_main_stream_error.c:50
(jcr_main_new_stream): Server stream connected.
Mon Mar 29 19:01:45 2010 jcr_elements.c:178 (jcr_read_data): Main
Channel Error: rc=2
Mon Mar 29 19:01:45 2010 jcr_main_stream_error.c:56
(jcr_main_close_stream): Server stream error, resetting
Mon Mar 29 19:01:50 2010 jcr_deliver.c:101 (jcr_queue_deliver): packet
delivery thread exiting.
Mon Mar 29 19:01:50 2010 jcr_deliver.c:102 (jcr_queue_deliver):   Last
DvryQ Buffer=''

for several iterations after which mu-conference dies with seg fault.
On the djabberd side I keep seeing messages similar to this:

DEBUG DJabberd.Connection.ServerIn             New connection '8' from
DEBUG DJabberd.Connection.ServerIn             DISCONNECT: 8

I believe that there is something wrong with my configuration (either
djabberd, or mu-conference, or maybe both) but anyway, I would prefer
not to use something which lacks documentation and crashes for no
apparent reason with seg fault.

I have also seen that in SVN there is a DJabberd plugin called
DJabberd-MUC (http://code.sixapart.com/trac/djabberd/browser/trunk/DJabberd-MUC)
but it has been updated for the last time 4 years ago and I am not
sure if the plugin is still supported. Does any of you have experience
using it? Would you recommend using it?

I would also be very grateful if you share thoughts/ideas on how one
can make DJabberd to forward messages sent to one address to several
other addresses.  The most apparent solution would probably be writing
a special bot which acts as a mailman a) receives
subscription/unsubscription requests and forms the mailing lists based
on them,  b) receives all the messages sent to the lists and forwards
them accordingly, but I'd like to implement what I need relying solely
on the features provided by the server (DJabberd) plugin or module.

Thanks for your help!


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