Best architecture

Matt Sergeant matt at
Thu Jul 12 17:51:21 UTC 2007

On Tue, 10 Jul 2007, Ask Bjørn Hansen wrote:

> The latest gearman client (maybe still only in svn) has a change to make it 
> slightly better at getting jobs - you shouldn't get timeouts and have idle 
> workers though.

Here's what we get from status:

scan    9       8       30

Which means there are idle workers (22 of them), right?

What are the other potential failure conditions - we're getting on_fail
called, but immediately sometimes rather than after the timeout.

> Are you sure there are no network problems between the workers and the
> gearmands?

No network collisions, and everything else has been working fine there. We 
tested sending an ISO across the lan and got 8MB/s.


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