Gearman & TheSchwartz (was: Cache miss stampedes)

Ask Bjørn Hansen ask at
Mon Jul 30 07:47:52 UTC 2007

On Jul 27, 2007, at 16:41, Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:

> This is totally the wrong list, but...

Moving it to the right list.  :-)

> Gearman:  low latency, failures/retries done by client (who's waiting,
> perhaps on dozens of things in parallel).  No disks involved.  Just  
> load
> balancing function calls inside your network.
> TheSchwartz:  high latency.  retries done by system.  database(s)
> involved, thus disks.  use for long/slow tasks like sending email  
> or SMS
> or video transcoding, etc... gearman is for calling functions  
> elsewhere on
> your network while you wait.
> Both complement each other wonderfully.  Neither is going away nor  
> being
> folded into the other.

Why can't TheSchwartz just be a kind of backend to gearman / use the  
gearman protocol and services?

Something like:

Queue A Job:
    Client -> gearmand -> TheSchwartzWorker (as a sub-process or 3  
off the gearmand)

Get A Job Done:
    TheSchwartzScheduler (again process from gearmand) -> gearmand ->  
JobWorker -> ...

    - ask

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