Perl's autoflush() and Gearman workers

Joe Stump joe at
Wed Jan 9 00:22:56 UTC 2008

So I've been digging and digging and would love for someone who  
actually works on Gearman to read this message and possibly reply back  
to me. I've been working with Chris G. from Yahoo! on a PHP library  
called Net_Gearman (which I've been spamming the list with updates  

I've finally got my PHP code running as fast as the Perl one does with  
a single worker running a few tasks. The problem, however, is that  
when I add workers with the Perl code the time it takes the tasks to  
run halves (which is obvious as it's running them in parallel). The  
same is exactly the opposite with PHP. It goes from 11ms to run 25  
tasks with a single worker to taking 50ms. I've verified that each  
worker is, in fact, getting an equal number of jobs, etc.

The problem is that a socket_select() waits around on the client side  
for anywhere from 30 and 45ms waiting for data when I know the worker  
has already written data back to gearmand.

I have a nagging feeling this has something to do with Perl's  
autoflush on it's IO::Socket, but I can't for the live of me figure  
out what $| = 0 and $| = 1 actually does under the hood to "auto  
flush" the socket. My thinking is that the socket isn't autoflushing  
in my PHP code and, as a result, isn't sending data as soon as I write  
it to the socket from the worker.



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