[memcached] bradfitz, r408: add UDP option to help

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Wed Sep 20 20:36:42 UTC 2006

add UDP option to help

U   trunk/server/memcached.c

Modified: trunk/server/memcached.c
--- trunk/server/memcached.c	2006-09-20 20:32:47 UTC (rev 407)
+++ trunk/server/memcached.c	2006-09-20 20:36:42 UTC (rev 408)
@@ -1880,7 +1880,8 @@
 void usage(void) {
     printf(PACKAGE " " VERSION "\n");
-    printf("-p <num>      port number to listen on\n");
+    printf("-p <num>      TCP port number to listen on (default: 11211)\n");
+    printf("-U <num>      UDP port number to listen on (default: 0, off)\n");
     printf("-s <file>     unix socket path to listen on (disables network support)\n");
     printf("-l <ip_addr>  interface to listen on, default is INDRR_ANY\n");
     printf("-d            run as a daemon\n");

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