[memcached] plindner, r484: Added protocol clarification

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Thu Apr 5 00:56:51 UTC 2007

Added protocol clarification

U   trunk/server/ChangeLog
U   trunk/server/doc/protocol.txt

Modified: trunk/server/ChangeLog
--- trunk/server/ChangeLog	2007-04-03 16:10:40 UTC (rev 483)
+++ trunk/server/ChangeLog	2007-04-05 00:56:50 UTC (rev 484)
@@ -1,3 +1,8 @@
+2007-04-04  Paul Lindner  <lindner at inuus.com>
+	* Add clarification of flush_all in the protocol docs
+	  from Elizabeth Mattijsen <liz at dijkmat.nl>
 2007-03-31  Paul Lindner  <lindner at inuus.com>
 	* Add patch from Eli Bingham <eli at pandora.com> to 

Modified: trunk/server/doc/protocol.txt
--- trunk/server/doc/protocol.txt	2007-04-03 16:10:40 UTC (rev 483)
+++ trunk/server/doc/protocol.txt	2007-04-05 00:56:50 UTC (rev 484)
@@ -378,6 +378,18 @@
 update time is earlier than the time at which flush_all was set to be
 executed to be ignored for retrieval purposes.
+The intent of flush_all with a delay, was that in a setting where you
+have a pool of memcached servers, and you need to flush all content,
+you have the option of not resetting all memcached servers at the
+same time (which could e.g. cause a spike in database load with all
+clients suddenly needing to recreate content that would otherwise
+have been found in the memcached daemon).
+The delay option allows you to have them reset in e.g. 10 second
+intervals (by passing 0 to the first, 10 to the second, 20 to the
+third, etc. etc.).
 "version" is a command with no arguments:

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