Read vs. write performance (sloppiness in memcache)

Brion Vibber
Sun, 10 Aug 2003 20:55:00 -0700

Anatoly Vorobey wrote:

>By setting TCP_NODELAY on the server socket, we eliminate the waits
>and seem to completely fix the problem, at least for this particular
>kind of test, where we don't have many consecutive writes. The wait time
>for receiving 500 values drops from 20sec. to 1 or 0. Brion, can you
>verify this with your setup? The patch below makes the server set

Verified. With the patched server, it runs like lightning. Tested both 
server and client on both BSD and Linux.

>On the other hand, what if the client requests 100 keys in one GET

Can someone whip up a quick script that tests this? I've been unable to 
make it work using either the Perl or PHP clients, but I may just not 
know what I'm doing.

-- brion vibber (brion @