[PATCH] memcached on FreeBSD...

Evan Martin martine@danga.com
Thu, 21 Aug 2003 14:22:26 -0700

On Thu, 2003-08-21 at 13:20, Sean Chittenden wrote:
> > > If you decide to mmap(2) non-anonymous files you could get a
> > > persistent cache almost for free by mmap(2)'ing actual files (of
> > > the hash ID of the objects?) and then use MAP_SHARED | MAP_NOCORE
> > > | MAP_NOSYNC.
> > 
> > Will anyone need a persistent memcache useful? I'm not certain about 
> > that.
> No, but by explicitly mmap()'ing non-anonymous regions, it's not
> overly hard to do which could be nice for keeping a cache populated
> across restarts, however, I have no use or desire that feature.  It
> was more of an anecdotal bit from my webserver/proxy server writing
> days and would be low hanging fruit that'd fall out of using mmap()
> instead of relying on Linux's malloc.h bits.  :)

This reminds me more and more of http://www.prevayler.org each day. 
(It's pretty hard to find any real text on that site, though.)

Evan Martin