first stab at a C API

Evan Martin
21 Aug 2003 22:36:23 -0700

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This is super-basic:  only connects to localhost, only has get and set.
The plan is this:
 - buffer reads (readline() should do a full read and scan for newlines)
 - don't buffer writes (the kernel buffers it anyway / TCP_CORK)

I'm not sure how the functions should look.  I'll attach my header.
I figure that eventually, we'd like something like get() to:
 - support printf-style formatting: get("user:%d", userid)
 - support hash keys: should these be ints or char* and len?
and maybe:
 - support some sort of serialization/deserialization callbacks(?)
but that produces a Windowsean function with 10 arguments.

Also, I took a shot at allowing weighting without using an array of
buckets.  Instead, we use the linked list of servers, but that means
this is O(n) * number of time we retry to find a live server.

If anyone wants to comment on my C code, I'd appreciate it.
You can read it at , and you
can check it out with this subversion command:
  svn checkout mydestdir

Evan Martin

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#ifndef MEMCACHE_H
#define MEMCACHE_H

#include <time.h>  /* time_t */

typedef struct _MemCacheClient MemCacheClient;

MemCacheClient* memcachec_new(void);

void* memcachec_get(MemCacheClient *mc, char *key, int *rlen);
int   memcachec_set(MemCacheClient *mc, char *key,
                    void *val, int len, time_t exp);

#endif /* MEMCACHE_H */