bug in PHP API, with fix attached

Tim Starling t.starling@physics.unimelb.edu.au
Thu, 04 Dec 2003 10:49:00 +1100

Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:

> Tim,
> There are two PHP APIs.  It's my understanding that this one is
> streams-based and doesn't have the bug you mentioned:
>    http://phpca.cytherianage.net/memcached/

Well now neither of them have the bug I mentioned. At least in our copy 
:) Brion Vibber told me there was another client, but I chose to ignore 
him and fix the old one instead. It's more satisfying.

> That said, I'll wait for the maintainer of the original PHP client to
> accept this patch or let me know if alternate PHP client should be the
> de-facto one.

You want the maintainer of the original client to tell you whether the 
alternate client is better? I have a feeling said maintainer may be 
somewhat biased in this respect.

In any case, the bug I just fixed in the client was really pretty minor 
compared to the lack of automatic slabs reassignment. That's a fix which 
is sorely needed.

BTW, can you please configure mailman so that it obscures email 
addresses in the web archive? Also, sorry for the duplicate post.

-- Tim Starling