Memcached now available for Debian GNU/Linux

Jay Bonci
Mon, 29 Dec 2003 10:18:57 -0500

Good afternoon folks,
	Memcached is now available in the unstable branch of Debian, as
'memcached' and 'libcache-memcached-perl'.  As of the time of this
email, it hasn't hit all of the mirrors just yet, but it is accepted,
and it'll be there in the next 24-48 hours.  There is epoll support in
the unstable debian libc6 packages now, so all you'll need to get
maximum performance out of it is an updated kernel.

	I'm looking for feedback on the packaging from both users and
developers.  It encorporates a /etc/memcached.conf file, which should
make for easier option management.  You shouldn't be able to pass it a
bad option (syntactically speaking); if you can, please file a bug.  If
anyone can suggest performance tweaking and tuning tips from the field
to be included with it as documentation, that would also be appreciated.

	I also have an unofficial woody backport available at:


The woody backport includes libevent and passes smoke tests but hasn't
been used in production / development. 

Any and all feedback would be appreciated. (Apologies if you received this message twice).

		--Jay Bonci