memcached protocol (questions)

JM Ibanez
27 Jul 2003 12:07:00 +0800

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1) Are ints stored directly? What exactly are incr and decr for? From
how I understand it, incr/decr increments/decrements a value stored in
the server in-place; the value is assumed to be a 32-bit unsigned int.
So, that means that the server can manipulate stored values. I thought
the values would be opaque to the server? Someone please clarify me on

2) Is data replicated across servers, or is a particular key unique to a
particular server? I've been looking through both the Perl and PHP
implementations, and I see that the server is selected via a hash value
created from the user key. Does this mean the client is responsible for
selecting which server it stores data in? Or I'm completely misreading
the implementations? (NOTE: I know enough of Perl and PHP to read code,
but not write code)

Please enlighten me :)

Jan Michael Ibanez
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