New perl module

Brad Fitzpatrick
Sat, 4 Oct 2003 23:38:44 -0700 (PDT)

Version 1.0.8 of the Perl client:

Short changelog: Much faster.

Full changelog since 1.0.7:

        * document expiration times in POD (thanks to Tim Bunce
          for noting the omission)
        * release version 1.0.8

        * add connect timeout of 0.25s, for dead host detection.
          We had 1 second a couple revs ago, but lost it when
          ditching IO::Socket module.  (avva)

        * fix _incrdecr with explicit-hashvalue keys (whitaker)

        * add run_command API call.  TODO: document, and document
          the $exptime on the setters

        * use send instead of print, so we can set MSG_NOSIGNAL
          and not get SIGPIPES, which avoids 3 syscalls of localizing
          $SIG{PIPE} and sends everything at once, instead of 4k
          stdio chunks.  in review:  stdio buffered in, send unbuffered
          out.  TODO:  setvbuf so reads are buffered at more than 4k.

        * yet faster parsing
        * switch to stdio/perlio instead of raw io: more correct,
          simpler parsing code.

        * prevent some warnings
        * faster get() call that doesn't use get_multi()
        * optimizations for single-server case
        * use socket APIs directly, instead of uber-slow IO::* modules
        * new faster _load_items parsing

        * emit debug when set/add/replace fails, in addition to succeed

The next version will be on CPAN, and be renamed Cache::Memcached.

- Brad