Java API now available (resent to list)

Russo, Richard
Mon, 06 Oct 2003 00:28:16 -0700

On 5 Oct 2003 at 14:59, Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:

> Thanks to Richard Russo, we now hava Java support for memcached:
> That brings the APIs to four, in varying states:
>    Perl -- now really fast, in addition to correct/robust.  tons of
>            production usage.
>    Java -- unknown.

The Java API was mostly based on the perl API prior to the latest 
release. I've been following the perl changes, and was planning on 
putting them into the java client this coming week/weekend. I've been 
somewhat lazy on searching for java projects that could use memcache 
and haven't found anything yet, so i'll probably have to 
write/find/steal a test suite.


This is a retransmission, since I didn't pay enough attention when replying... sorry Brad.