[2nd try] PHP client question: why socket_create()?

Justin Matlock jmat@shutdown.net
Mon, 6 Oct 2003 10:39:47 -0400

Because when the first client was written, streams didn't work properly, and
I think Ryan (the original author) was just trying to get a version out that
worked, and not deal with the funky PHP bugs that existed then...

I'm about to push out a new version using full streams/pstreams support; I
ran into a weird bug this weekend, which is why I didn't get it out (PHP
will get in a weird state and start core-dumping the webserver).  It works
with the 4.3.3 release, but breaks on 4.3.4 release candidate -- I've got a
few bug reports into the PHP guys, and am waiting for a response before
continuing.  It wouldn't do much good to push out a version that works with
4.3.3, then have 4.3.4 completely break things.

I'm leaving the socket_open code in there, however, since a lot of people
don't have control over what version of PHP they're running, and fully
working streams/pstreams didn't really come into play until 4.3.3.  Then it
has to auto-select which module it's going to use, etc.


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