memcached 1.1.9

Brad Fitzpatrick
Thu, 9 Oct 2003 04:13:13 -0700 (PDT)

New version!

I didn't realize it'd been so long.  Somebody slap me next time there's
too much good stuff in CVS.

Thanks for everybody's contributions.  It's all the little things that
make a polished, useable product.

- Brad


        * BSD compile fixes from Ryan T. Dean
        * version 1.1.9

        * ignore SIGPIPE at start instead of crashing in rare cases it
          comes up.  no other code had to be modified, since everything
          else is already dead-connection-aware.  (avva)

2003-09-09 (Avva, Lisa Marie Seelye <>)
        * setuid support

2003-09-05 (Avva)
        * accept all new connections in the same event (so we work with ET epoll)
        * mark all items as clsid=0 after slab page reassignment to please future
          asserts (on the road to making slab page reassignment work fully)

2003-08-12 (Brad Fitzpatrick)
        * use TCP_CORK on Linux or TCP_PUSH on BSD
        * only use TCP_NODELAY when we don't have alternatives

        * disable Nagel's Algorithm (TCP_NODELAY) for better performance (avva)

        * support multiple levels of verbosity (-vv)

2003-08-10  (Evan Martin)
        * debug, optimization, and static flags are controlled
          by the configure script.
          - allow specifying libevent directory with --with-libevent=DIR
          - check for malloc.h (unavailable on BSDs)
          - check for socklen_t (unavailable on OSX)
        * assoc.c, items.c, slabs.c:  Remove some unused headers.
        * memcached.c:  allow for nonexistence of malloc.h; #define a POSIX
          macro to import mlockall flags.