New Java+PHP user

Richard Jones
Wed, 22 Oct 2003 01:52:49 +0100

Yeah i was considering writing a class that converted between serialized java 
and php objects, but i have plenty of other things to do so i'm just parsing 
a string of values and commas, which is ample for now  :)

currently i'm just restricting things to one memcached server so the hashing 
thing isnt a problem. would be nice if all the apis hashed keys to the same 
servers tho. i'm quite keen to try out the Java extensions for php sometime..


On Wednesday 22 October 2003 1:35 am, Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:
> Not sick at all... but definitely cool.
> As long as you're careful about what you're putting in.  You can't, say,
> deserialize a Java object in PHP, or vice-versa.  (Now *that* would be
> sick.)
> And yeah, the first layer of hashing (from key to server) is on the
> clients.  Perhaps we should standardize the hash that all the clients use,
> so cross-language stuff works reliably?
> Or better, provide an option:  "standard_hash" or something, be that what
> the Perl module uses, or crc32, or the Perl hash.  So modules can either
> support the standard_hash option or not... they could use their own that's
> faster (built into the language, or written in C), and only use the slower
> standard hash if requested.
> Client authors:  let's figure this out.  What hashing algorithms work for
> everybody?
> On Wed, 22 Oct 2003, Richard Jones wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > it's high time i joined this list :)
> >
> > We're using memcached for to store PHP objects.
> > We are also using it in our Java streaming server for a few things, so
> > i'm hoping to be able to help test/debug the Java (and PHP) clients
> >
> > Recently we have been setting info in memcached from our java streaming
> >  server so that it can be read out using PHP. This allows the website to
> > see which users are connected, and what they are streaming. We used to do
> > this in a database - which involved a db hit every page load to check if
> > a user is streaming.
> >
> > i noticed that keys are examined to decide which of the available
> > memcached servers to use to store them - i may be wrong, but i think that
> > the java and PHP clients sometimes come to different decisions on which
> > server to use given the same key. Anyone noticed this sort of behaviour?
> >
> > I guess using memcached to pass data from a java app to a php website is
> > a rather perverted thing to want to do, anyhow if i find the problem i'll
> > post a solution :)
> >
> > Regards,
> > Richard