Libevent error 'Bad File Descriptor'

Brion Vibber
Wed, 22 Oct 2003 15:36:16 -0700

On Wednesday, Oct 22, 2003, at 15:26 US/Pacific, Anatoly Vorobey wrote:
> I don't object - just frustrated because I don't understand why this
> is happening and why moving the code solves it. Did you figure it out?

Hmm... from the man page for kqueue(2):

      The kqueue() system call creates a new kernel event queue and 
returns a
      descriptor.  The queue is not inherited by a child created with 
      However, if rfork(2) is called without the RFFDG flag, then the 
      tor table is shared, which will allow sharing of the kqueue 
between two

daemon(3) works by fork()ing off a child process and exiting the 
parent, so we lose the queue in the child if we set it up in the parent 

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