keys with spaces in (a possible simple solution)

Glenn Plas
Thu, 30 Oct 2003 15:32:28 +0100

Hi Rich,

I had the same issue while developping my memcachedaware application, I =
store URLs in the cache with the URL as the key. for me a very good =
solution was to use an url_encode function (perl) and store the encoded =

That way all my other applications know how to get a certain key.

I don't believe memcached should tackle that part, spaces in unique keys =
don't make a lotta sense imho.  It's been running for a month now and I =
still haven't seen a cache set failure in the logs

best greetings,

Glenn Plas

>i'm using Ryan Gilfethers php api, v 1.0.10.=20
>tried to use some keys with spaces in, didn't work.
>(because spaces used to delimit commands when sent to memcached)

>added a str_replace command to set and get functions of the api to =
>spaces from keys.=20

>not sure if other apis do this, i reckon it's a good idea, or should at =
>be an option?