Java API?

Russo, Richard
Thu, 18 Sep 2003 19:07:49 -0700

On 18 Sep 2003 at 0:07, Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:

> > Is anybody working on a Java API for memcached?  I stumbled upon the
> Three people, including myself, have mentioned wanting to work on
> it, but nobody's actually done anything as far as I know.
Well in that case, add me to the list of people mentioning wanting to 
work on it. :) (unless that number already included me)

> >
> > Richard 'toast' Russo
> > P.S. I'm not just doing this to try to get brownie points wrt the
> > programming position, this looks interesting to me. :)
>  /just/ ?  :)

Well who knows if it will get my brownie points, but I haven't done 
many real world programming tasks recently; so working on one that's 
related to lj might look more favorable than some of the other things 
I could work on. :)