Bug in PHP client?

Justin Matlock jmat@shutdown.net
Mon, 22 Sep 2003 20:09:25 -0400

I was pretty sure we had removed that entire block already and Ryan had
committed the change.

Hurm..  There are a few other major problems in that _load_items method -- 
but I haven't had time to debug the streams support properly to rewrite it.
I've been working on an actual C-based PHP extension for memcached -- it's
about 20% faster than the script (although it's about the same speed if you
use Zend Accelerator with your scripts).

I'll post both here by this weekend.


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Subject: Bug in PHP client?

> We noticed that pages on our site would hang for no particular reason -
> and after extensive debugging (such a pain on PHP), I traced it down to
> the memcached client - specifically this part (in _load_items, about
> line 1056):
> // skip over the extra return or newline
> if($line == "\r" || $line == "\n")
>       continue;
> The problem is this: if the object to be retrieved is of a specific
> length, then the last chunk of data retrieved will consist just of the
> closing \n from memcached. In this case the if statement will be true,
> and it'll continue back to the top of the while loop on line 1006. But
> since this was the closing \n, it's the last chunk of data recieved, and
> so it'll block for ever on socket_read.
> I just commented those two lines out - I can't see why you'd want to
> skip over that anyway. But I suggest putting a timeout on that read call
> (I assume that's possible - I haven't looked at the PHP raw sockets
> interface).
> Cheers,
> Russ
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