Weird "SERVER_ERROR out of memory"

Stephane Legrand
Thu, 8 Apr 2004 15:05:49 +0200

On Wed, Apr 07, 2004 at 02:29:00PM -0700, Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:
> The key length is limited only to 250 characters, iirc.  It's documented.

Yes, i was aware of this constraint, i read the documentation about
the protocol. But, as i saw that my problem disappeared after
changing the key size, i just wondered if there were other constraints.
> The problem you're hitting is that you're only allocating 1MB of memory to
> memcached, and it requires 1MB per size class.
> There are size classes 64 bytes (2**6) to 1MB (2**20), so anything less
> than 15MB doesn't really work. 

Ah, ok ! I set the memory to 16 MB and it works now.

> Maybe we should make that an error.

A warning when you start the server would be indeed useful :)

Thank you very much for your answer.


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