Bunch of questions about memcache

Timo Ewalds timo at tzc.com
Wed Dec 1 00:22:55 PST 2004

You will likely have problems with the php clients that are available on 
the site. This is a version written by Ryan T. Dean, and then cleaned up 
a bit by me. Both of the clients written in php produce alot of 
warnings. This version shouldn't produce any, and doesn't seem to cause 
the lockups that the official one produced, nor the loss of data that 
this one originally produced. I have not tried the php plugin version 
yet, but it doesn't support multiple servers natively. It wouldn't be 
hard to write a wrapper class to add that functionality, but I haven't 
gotten around to doing so yet, as this one works quite well for me.


Chris Hartjes wrote:

>I'm evaluating memcache for use where I work (dating site) and needed
>a few questions answered to keep the bosses happy.  I'll be using the
>PHP client.
>1) how many memcache servers can be up and running before the amount
>of time the client spends more time checking numerous memcache servers
>than it would if it got the results from a very large database
>containing 1.5 million+ records
>2) what happens when memcache is full and you ask it to add something
>in?  How does it decide what key/value pair to turf out to make room?
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